Mark Riley

Fri, Oct 21, 2022
Sat, Oct 22, 2022

Mark Riley

with Peter Liu and Jimmy Cash

Mark Riley was born and raised in Boston (yes, he can sort of pronounce his “r’s”) and is one of the most-booked comedians in New England. His high energy and unique perspective on everyday situations combined with his sharp observational humor keeps audiences in stitches. His material is always changing so you’ll never see the same show twice. He connects with audiences in a unique way and is fearless to hecklers! Mark performs at comedy clubs and is available for fundraisers, corporate/private events, roasts, and will emcee or host your event. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly show, PG-13, or R rated, (he draws the line at X rated) he will deliver laughter. Lastly, Mark has starred in commercials and is available for voice work. He has also been interviewed for the podcast Behind the scenes of a comedian on Spotify.

Mark fine-tuned his comedic talents in various coliseums and “ice barns” throughout the country when he traveled as a professional ice hockey referee. He was a stellar employee of the NHL for one whole week before he was fired. It was at that moment Mark realized he was better on stage rather than the ice. Mark co-authored the movie script “Penalty Box” based on his life in pro hockey. He is currently publishing his first book and has many television appearances including NESN and Dirty Water TV. And to further impress you, he was a finalist in the 2016 Boston Comedy Festival.

Peter Liu

Peter has been featured on Amazon Prime, Don't Tell Comedy, Chocolate Sundaes, the World Comedy Expo, Burbank Best of Fest, Salem and Portland Comedy Festivals. He was a semi-finalist at the Boston Comedy Festival, Massachusetts’ Funniest Contest, Last ComiX Standing and Finalist at New England's Funniest Comic Contest.

He performs regularly across New England at clubs such as The Comedy Studio, Laugh Boston, Comedy Connection, Chunky's, Headliner's, Leavitt Theatre, Scamp's Comedy and McCue's Comedy Club.
In addition, he's performed nationally at venues such as the Comedy Store, Broadway Comedy Club, the Comedy Chateau, WestSide Comedy Theatre, Flappers Comedy Club, the Second City and the Laugh Factory.

Jimmy Cash

Jimmy draws from his experience as a father or a teenage daughter, an uncertain amount of stepchildren, sobriety, and 18 years as a public school janitor. Cash can be seen performing stand up at night as a way to stay grounded. He has worked with some of the biggest acts in comedy and is currently touring with comedian Bob Marley. He is the recent winner of Last Comix Standing 2021 at Mohegan Sun. He has over 500k followers on TikTok where he posts original janitor-related sketches and over 40k followers on Instagram.